Confessions of a Fortnite Mom

Okay so I am sure that if you are a mom of a young boy there is a chance that you have heard of Fortnite. This game is insane. And, actually…. A lot of fun!!

So, yes, my husband convinced me to play this game and at first, I thought that it was so stupid. I played a few rounds with him and my brother and the truth is that the game is actually awesome. I am 28 years old, I have four kids and I just bought the Season 7 Battle Pass.

The thing that I love most about this game is that you obviously have to use your brain which is great. The game is not gruesome really, you shoot each other but there is no blood and guts type of thing. You have to use techniques of shielding yourself through caring for yourself. Warming by a fire, using bandages and consuming what I call the super greens smoothie aka chug jug all cause you to re-gain health. My favorite thing about this game is that there is a comical aspect. There are dance off, fun and silly challenges and hilarious outfits.

Some of my favorite outfits include a pink bunny, a man with a llama suit, and this chick that I believe represents moms. She looks like a bad ass (shut up, it’s in the bible) outlaw! The outfits are what truly adds to this game. You can tell which players are really invested in the game by the gear that they have. This is why I had to get the new battle pass, so I could hide that I am a complete newb.

Now, clearly, I am by no means an expert in this area, however, playing Fortnite has been so fun for me and here is why…

I have had more time hanging out with my husband playing this game than we have had together in a long time. If you have been married for any amount of time you know that finding time to hang out together can be very difficult. I have found that trying to play a video game is the best when we don’t have the resources for a date night. This allows us to hang out and have fun without pretending that we are going to be all sexy and watch a movie on the couch together and then fall asleep causing us to both wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungover and wishing we just went to bed instead.  

My kids are so excited that we play, and they cheer us on. Also, there are some younger kids at my church who are my little buddies and they think I am so cool because I play. If you are at my place in life you understand how satisfying that is! If you don’t understand that don’t worry Susan, you’re not cool anyways. Also, this game encourages a spirit of camaraderie in my house overall. We get so excited when we win!

If you haven’t tried this game out at all, please give it a chance! Trust me, your kid will PWN you (and you’ll be so proud).  

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