DIY is a lie!


Let me set the stage for you.

You pick up your phone to do something and you see this awesome little red ‘P’ icon screaming your name! So, completely forgetting what you were going to do, you start looking up recipes for lip balm that you can make yourself. 3 days later you are in the same spot on the couch trying to convince your husband that you need $300 lavender that was sprouted organically from the mountains of the rain forest while he shakes his head at you because you have already spent $900 trying to save $2 making your own lip balm.

Now, don’t get me wrong here: there is no actual life without Pinterest. But, just like with any social media site, it will quickly suck you into its demented-life-sucking-vortex. We have all been there. We have all done this. If you haven’t, whatever Susan, you’re a super human- good for you! For the rest of us common folk, we have been victim of this irrational thought that we have time, finances or patience to complete DIY projects.

If what I am saying isn’t true then why is there a coined term “Pinterest fail”? Stop pretending that you are perfect! Yes, sometimes we nail it spot on! Other times we are crying in a tub eating cookie dough because Pinterest is a bully. Well moms, here is just another little voice here to tell you that you are doing great, Pinterest just had someone bully them when they were growing up and decided to do it to others (bully logic makes no sense) – its true and you know it!

There I am – sitting on my couch surrounded by 18 skeins of newly purchased yarn that I am going to use to crochet every single person I know this year a scarf. Because they all need scarves made by me to feel special, duh! No, but really I am going to save hundreds of dollars by doing this! Obviously! I only spent $2,345 but it would have been double if I didn’t have the Michael’s app with the coupon!!!

I begin the first project – a scarf for myself. I need to start one for me to practice and make sure that the material is going to come out good enough to gift to others. I start the scarf and it is lovely! A week later I am finally coming to the last bit of yarn! Hooray! First project done! Lift up my handiwork and my scarf looks like an arrow. I started one end about a foot wide – the other end is about two inches wide.

So, I unravel the entire thing to start over, as to not waste any yarn at all. I leave the couch to go eat a bag of Sunchips for lunch. That was a month ago. The pile is still on my dresser. I have no scarves, a lot of debt and a lot of balled up yarn that is now in knots from my toddlers playing in it.

The moral of the story? I bought a scarf at Target like an actual human being. I’m going to sell the yarn on the Facebook Marketplace with all the other craft lots being sold from sorry Pinterest Fail moms like me. And we will grow strong in this unity of motherhood by accepting that we failed and buying Starbucks while we shop for real things at Target. Can I get an amen?!

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their life.

— Albert Einstein

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